Fleet & Family Support Center

The Bahrain Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) reinforces Operational Readiness by providing a wide range of services to the military community. To this end, we provide information, deployment, and transition support, counseling and education in a respectful manner; to empower those we serve to manage the challenges, changes, and sacrifices inherent in the military way of life.

Work & Family Life Programs: Bldg. 100, Room 120A
FFSC Admin Clinical Counseling & New Parent Support: Bldg. 100, Room 129A


Transition Assistance Program
     -TGPS for those separating or retiring from the military
     -CONSEP (Career Options & Navy Skills Evaluation Program)
     -Resume Writing Class
     -Federal resume and employment classes
     -Job search

Relocation Assistance Program
     -Newcomer's Orientation (INDOC)
     -Sponsor Training
     -Smooth Move
     -School Liaison Resources 

Intercultural Relations Education
     -Gold Buying
     -Pearl Buying
     -Carpet Buying
     -Arabic Culture & Traditions Briefs
     -Spoken Arabic 
     -Reading & Writing Arabic

Family Advocacy Program

Provides education for the prevention of child abuse/neglect and spouse/intimate partner abuse.

Personal Financial Management 
     -Consumer Awareness
     -Credit & Debt Management
     -Car Buying
     -Home Buying
     -Developing a Spending Plan
     -One-On-One Budget Counseling

Life Skills Education
     -Anger/Stress Management
     -Deployment Support (Return & Reunion)
     -Effective Communication Skills
     -Goal Setting

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR)

A DoD mandated program aimed at increasing public awareness and reducing incidents of sexual assault. The SAPR Program consists of three components: 1. Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Education 2. Victim Advocacy 3. Data Collection

Bldg. 24, Next to PSD

24/7 SAPR Response Line: +973 3940 3906

Clinical Services
     -Individual Counseling
     -Family Counseling
     -Group In-Service
     -Provide skilled crisis intervention and support services

Information & Referral
     -Provide brochures and fact sheets on local area resources
     -Make referrals to appropriate military or civilian agencies
     -Maintain a database of educational, life-enhancing, and therapeutic resources found on the base
     -Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) information