Jared Ashley Concert

You're invited to NSA Bahrain's annual Fourth of July celebration!

This patriotic event will include carnival games, contests, food & beverages for sale, and a main stage performance by Nashville's most promising rising star, Jared Ashley. 

With his high-energy live shows and distinctive country rock sound, Jared Ashley has built his career on the little things—“I’m very particular,” he says. “From the stage movement to harmonies to the way the bass and drums play off one another, it all matters. As a songwriter, I even like all the little words to matter, the ‘thes’ and ‘ands’ and ‘buts,’” he explains. And little by little, all the elements have come together to make Jared Ashley one of Nashville's most promising rising artists. 

Jared joined the Navy, serving four years aboard the USS Independence and USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carriers. “On long trips out to sea, there’s not a whole lot to do when you’re off duty. You can stare at water or you can play the guitar. And that’s when I got more serious about it.

Date: Thursday, July 4
Location: Mario's Courtyard
#Sponsored by USAA? & Navy Entertainment?

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